Welcome to Sewerstore home of 110mm non return valves we have designed and manufactured a range of 110mm non return valves that fits into drains and sewers pipes.

The 110mm non return valve acts as a gate or flap to allow waste water to escape but to keep rats out. The 110mm non return valves should be fitted within the manhole or inspection chamber we also build an anti flood valve 110mm.

If you are looking at this product it is likely you unfortunately have a rodent or flooding problem, luckily we can provide you with a cost effective solution. We have found that other 110mm non return valve plastic products on the market are simply not upto the task as rats easily gnaw through the body and hinge and provide only a temporary solution.

110mm non return valves

Rat flap installation within plastic chamber

Firstly we are a pest control company based in Swindon Wiltshire and have decided to develop our own range of non return valves as others on the market were simply not up-to the task. We have tried and tested our products in real situations and have resolved customer problems where other products have failed. These valves are designed to be installed in sewers and drains and provide a barrier almost like a one way cat flap and are simple push fit design, we will be posting a installation video below to show you how east it is to install our valves into sewers and drains.

The video above just shows a selection of our non return valve foul drainage installed within the sewers.

We offer various types of 110mm non return valves designs for different applications and these are listed below

Please Note we manufacturer our valves in house and as such during busy periods please allow 2 days before shipping

Our 110mm non return valves are designed in house by use and built by us, we are a Pest Control business and use our valves for our own customers. All 110mm non return valves are built using marine grade stainless steel commonly known are 316 grade. When purchasing 110mm non return valves ensure that marine grade stainless steel is used and using lower graded stainless steel will cause rusting.

Our valves are push fit and should be installed in the sewer chamber, we have used them successfully inline and reverse fitted them. We offer three variations these are, 110mm flood backflow valve, Flood defence valve, Rodent Flap Valve Without Cable and Rodent Flap Valve With Cable.

Our valves are built using 304 stainless steel body, hinges and flap. Please visit our main website for further images of our products.

All valves are shipped with instructions on how to fit and you can email or call us if you have any questions. If you would like to clarify that our valves will fit your sewer please email us a picture and we would be happy to assist.

The product can be installed by anybody who has a small amount of DIY experience but if in doubt please contact a Plumber, Pest Controller or Drain specialist. Please remember that when working in sewers to wear protective clothing including eye protection and protective gloves due to the risk of disease.

110mm non return valves for use in sewers and drains

110mm non return valves

How to Install our 110mm non return valves and 110mm non return valve (single flap)

Please Click Here For Installation Instructions

110mm non return valve for sewer outlets with a gradient

110mm non return valve for sewer outlets without a gradient such as plastic drain osma chambers

110mm non return valve for sewer flood protection drain sewer or back flow – commonly know as a anti backflow valve

110mm non return valve without rubber seal Anti Flood Valves Drainage

If you have any questions regarding our 110mm non return valve then please email: mailto:admin@sewerstore.co.uk

We also have a datasheet available which you can download from here.

Below are some images of installed 110mm non return valves. If you require fitting please contact us at mailto:admin@sewerstore.co.uk and we will put you in touch with a installer in your area.

If you are in the Wiltshire, Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire area our parent company fits the 110mm non return valves please visit www.pestcatcher.co.uk

If you would like us to view your sewer before you purchase then please send us a email and we would be happy to check it for you.

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